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When it comes to your health, sleep plays an important role.Each of us has suffered a restless night at some point in our lives. But many of us also know the feeling of losing sleep due to an intense emotional upset or the accumulation of stress or anxiousness.   

Infants, Toddlers, School going Kids, adults, senior citizens have their own needs according to their age, and it directly impacts mental and physical development & health.

If you find yourself unable to sleep (Insomnia), it is better to see if you are practicing from the below list. According to the Ayurvedic perspective, when it comes to imbalanced sleep, Piita & Vata dosha are usually involved. Pitta & Vata gets disturbed due to food patterns or which food we eat especially after sunset, lack of exercise, snoring, elevated or chronic stress, digestive issues, Hormonal imbalance, Thyroid, illness, physical discomfort, environmental factors, changes in our schedules, side effects from prescribed medications, depression, anxiety, white screen timings after late evening and many other factors.

Good and bad dreams can  not typically negatively impact sleep, but Night terrors & Nightmares can. And It can happen to anyone of any age. 

Possible Risks of Sleep Disorders:

  • Direct impact on your Immune system.
  • Impact on Physical & Mental Health.
  • Accelerated ageing in the skin.
  • Difficulty in losing weight.
  • Heart disease, Diabetes & Obesity.
  • Negatively affected moods and emotions.
  • Increased risk of Depression and threat of serious health problems.
  • Cognitive issues.

    Ayurveda offers time-tested tools that truly support our bodies in reclaiming their natural rhythms and by reducing stress and tension in the mind and body.

The Ayurvedic approach to balancing insufficient sleep is largely focused on helping the system to return to balance with Internal Medications, Lifestyle changes according to your work schedule, and your food habits, stress management, stock up naps, Panchakarma Therapies, Yog, Meditation & Pranayam.

    We sincerely hope that we can contribute  you in finding your way to sound sleep and vibrant health.

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