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Gold is the most non-reactive metal known to mankind till date. The Gold and its preparations are used from the ancient time throughout the world for many purposes. In recent years, natural products and traditional medicines are re-emerging as an attractive option.  And Gold nanoparticles are one of them, as according to Ayurved, Gold is used both externally and internally for therapeutic purposes.

In Ayurved, where the main objective is to achieve optimal health and well-being through a comprehensive approach, emphasizes prevention, health promotion and provides treatment for many diseases as well as disorders. Gold is a good Nervine tonic and improves overall health. It increases lifespan, intelligence, memory, skin glow and prevents several diseases. Gold increases intellectual properties, digestive and metabolic power; In addition, it increases strength and endurance and improves mental as well as physical performance.

 Internally it is mostly used in T.B., chronic fever, loss of vitality, Asthma, cough, burning sensation, acidity, microbial infection, toxicity, Infertility, mental disorders, depression, Anxiety, Stress, inflammations in the brain, Cancer, etc.

   Ancient Indian Medicine has recognized the need for the mental, spiritual and physical preparation of the women expecting to conceive. Gold in bio-available form is very effective in Supraja (Concious Conception). It gives relief in Nausea, anorexia, vomiting, fever, edema, anemia, prevents frequent miscarriages  & pregnancy complications like Diabetes & Hypertension & is very effective in expecting Mother’s state of mind.

Suvarna Prashana Sanskar is a treatment given to infants and children to improve Strength, Immunity, Memory & Intelligence. It has to be taken internally on a daily basis as per age.

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