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Immunity Kit (Employee/MNCs)


Promoting employee’s Health is in every employer’s best interests, whether they realize it or not. Wellness initiatives increase productivity, save money, attract new talent, and increase employee retention, leading to benefits for both worker and company.

In addition, promoting Wellness shows employees that their employer values them and their personal well-being. It can help motivate employees to work hard and grow a more personal connection between people and their jobs.

Please note that due to the current situation, it may take unusually long time for deliveries, Please bear with us.

  • Wash your hands properly.
  • Practise Social Distancing. Keep a distance of at least six feet.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are Sneezing and Coughing.
  • Cover your Mouth & Nose with a Tissue whenever you Cough or Sneeze or can use your elbow. 


  • Early Morning Regime (4.30am to 8.30am) Wake up before Sunrise.
  • Drink 1-3 glasses of warm water.
  • Mouth Rinse ( Gandusha / Kavala) & Gargle (Gandush) by Ayush Kashay. 
  • Nasal Health – Use Nasya Oil 2 Drops in each Nostril in Morning Hours.
  • Sitting 15-20 Minutes in Morning Sunlight.
  • Daily practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation for at least 30 minutes.  Warm water bath.
  • Don’t sleep during the daytime.
  • Involve in Work from Home / Indoor recreational activities like Studies, Reading, Painting, Gardening, Playing-listening Music, Social Media etc. 
  • Eat only when hungry, in the appropriate amount according to the digestive power (Neither too less nor more). 
  • Always take a fresh & warm diet. 
  • Eat easily digestible foods.
  • Stay away from Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, Tobacco, Gutkha



Kit includes: 

  1. Immune Tablets (120 Tablets)
  2. Ayush Kashay Tablets (30 Tablets) (For MouthRinse / Gargle)
  3. Nasya Oil (20 ml)

Ayurved’s Role In Pandemic

The classics of Ayurveda describes Epidemic Management and defines Immunity as the ability to prevent disease and arrest its progress. The Holistic approach of Ayurveda towards Promoting Health includes personalized interventions based on Person’s Health and Environmental Factors. Care includes therapeutic cleansing procedures (Panchakarma) and certain Immuno-Modulators (Rasayana Therapy). 

Introduction Of Ayurvedic Kit & Regimen: Immunity Booster Kit, designed by Vyas Ayurved made for our patients from all age groups. All the Products are in considering Age, Specific Complaints, Lifestyle & Food patterns. 

This may help for the better Immunity and related Anxiety, Stress & on Digestive Discomfort.

How to start when lockdown will be over or are minimized? We all have to start our routine activities with the exposure of underlying factors.

  • Every age group like Children’s, Adults, Senior Citizens and Diseased Person’s are having their own set of problems and anxieties differently.
  • The most important thing is to take care of Children, Senior Citizens, a person’s suffering from Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Asthma to avoid infections.

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