Beauty Care & Ayurvedic Principles

Skin Care: The skin, the largest organ of the body, is a reflection of your overall health. Nutrients, as well as toxins resulting from vata, pitta, and kapha imbalances, travel throughout the entire body in the circulating rasa dhatu through our Blood.

   Dry, thin, rough skin can indicate Vata vitiation, excess Pitta can be seen in irritated skin, prone to heat rashes and pimples and if your skin is thick, oily and congested pores, it is a likely sign of excess Kapha.

   In addition to dosha balance, a key principle for good skin health is to flush out toxins and impurities that enter your body, either through your skin or your food.

   And the most important factor according to Ayurved is important in Skin Health is Ama (Toxins created due to undigested food), needs a cleaning program (Panchakarma). 

    Ultimately, what brings a glow to the skin is the glow from within. This inner glow comes with Ojas, which is a vital substance that involves the immune system, the reproductive fluids, and healthy circulation. 

Hair Care: Hair is often one of the most prominent aspects of a person’s physical appearance, likely second only to one’s face. 

   Hair care industry introduces their products like Shampoos, Hair colour, Serums, in the market every day. The problem is that many of these products contain harmful chemicals that can have an extreme  impact on both the hair and internal systems like the endocrine and nervous systems. 

  The Ayurvedic approach is totally different. Ayurvedic hair care employs both products and treatment strategies that are 100% natural and combines topical treatments like Shirodhara, Head massage, scalp health, and with a systemic approach, which often originates well beneath the surface.

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