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Experience your Pregnancy Healthy & Special
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Mother & child health care
Personal care & holistic health for Mother & a New born Baby
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Our Panchakarma therapies are authentic & safe for your healthy body & mind
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Infertility cure
No more worry about infertility with our ayurvedic solutions
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kids Golden Health
Restore your child’s health through natural herbs, healthy food by considering Kapha's dominant stage, Immunity boosting methods and lifestyle changes.
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My mission is to bring Holistic Wellness, unlimited energy and peace of mind through Ayurveda”

- Dr. Aarti Vyas

Dr Aarti Vyas, the founder of Vyas Ayurved and Ayurveda expert successfully helped more than 10,000+ people across  the globe suffering from PCOD/PCOS, female health problems, Infertility, Asthma, allergies, Thyroid, Obesity, Arthritis, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Mental health issues, like Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Back pain,  Skin & Hair Problems, children health problems, and many other chronic health challenges.

Dr. Aarti Vyas - Founder Vyas Ayurved

Why Vyas Ayurved?

A touch of care from mother nature for Holistic health, Vyas Ayurved – The Most Trusted Ayurvedic centre.

Vyas Ayurved has been serving people worldwide with its proven herbal remedies and authentic ancient treatment methods. Our rich experience of 18+ years on Effective treatments  & Therapies are suited to the current day requirements and help achieving emotional, intellectual and mental wellness for all.

Our speciality in women health centric services and programs make sure our patients get proper care and attention in order to stay healthy as well as balanced across all phases of a woman’s life specially pre / post pregnancy care and menopause.

Our carefully designed programs like Panchakarma, & Womens wellness etc. offer consultations on Diet routine, along with personal counselling. Proper lifestyle guidance under our expert’s focuses completely on achieving the healthier version of you.

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Our Curated Programs


We help you to restore your child’s health through natural herbs, healthy food by correcting kapha dominant stage, Immunity boosting methods and lifestyle changes.


Our authentic Treatments offer a wide range of Panchakarma cleansing therapies that will detoxify your body and restore your vitality. Our team of trained therapists assures to deeply relax your body and mind in a safe environment.

Wellness Programs

Mental Wellness

Mental wellbeing has an inseparable connection with your physical health.Our Ayurveda inspired mental  program  prepares you for daily challenges. Know More

Hormonal Correction
(Men /Women)

This  program focuses on Hormonal correction for your Metabolism, Nutrition, Reproduction, and influences Mental Health. Know More

Menstrual Care

Our PMS program designed by our experts gives you a personalised care and focus on your mental and physical health adhering to the safe ayurvedic practices and medicines. Know More

Menopause Care

This program is designed to create a balance in your emotions and  maintain the stoppage of ovaries production. Know More

Skin Crafting

Our Treatments include cleansing, toning, exfoliated Healthy Skin, as per the Skin type and 100 % Natural and Safe way. Know More

Healthy Hair Care

Our therapies like Shirodhara, Head massage & Hair packs and Hair care products, using 100 % Natural  Herbs, that provides lustrous & conditioned hair along with Healthy & Nourished scalp. Know More

100% Ayurvedic products

Free Delivery of Immunity Booster Kit Across Pune,

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your privacy matters

Meet in the comfort of your own home.

Our remote consultation services are in compliance with preventive measures. Our primary care physicians offer a number of treatments during COVID-19 outbreak. This enables patients to be seated at home and get consultation on health conditions like Immunity, psychological support, morning sickness, baby massage and premenstrual burst.

Consultation & Services



What our community members have to say?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurveda is an art and science of healing, a way of long, happy and healthy living. It literally means ‘to know about life.

The first aim is Curative and the second is Prevention and it is achieved by using medicines of Herbal, Mineral, Animal origin, diet and regulating other life activities influencing the health of the body and mind.

Elimination therapy is ordinarily considered as Panchakarma. But these two are not identical. Vamana (Emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Basti (Medicated enemas), Raktamokshana (Blood Letting) and Nasya (nasal therapy) are called as panchakarma (five kinds of therapies). Before applying Panchakarma the preparations of the patient also means that the morbid materials lodged anywhere in the body are brought to elementary canal or near the elimination passage before the actual therapy is adopted. The morbid materials are eliminated through the nearest route from the place where it is mainly located. Post operative procedure includes certain type of diet which help to rehydrate, strengthen the digestion power, soothen the membrane and muscles of the elementary canal and also nourish the body. Palliative medicine will act better after this therapy.

Vyas Ayurvedha  is functioning since 15 JUNE 2003.

In other system of medicines they treat the disease only, but in Ayurvedic system of medicine being a holistic approach to mankind; it not only treats the disease but treats the patient  mentally as well as physically. It is a natural therapy hence it has no side effect or any complications.

• Avoid excessive physical work.
• Eat light and balanced food.
• Avoid spicy,oily,junk food etc.,

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