Woman Section

Patients Name: Miss S.Khedgikar (28) (Pune)
Irregular Menses And Obesity

I came to Dr. Aarti in February 2015, for my Irregular Menses and Obesity. Before five years my weight was 62 kg, but due to my personal stress and job schedule my Menses was Irregular (2-3 months). Along with this I was facing Fissures, Dry & Patchy Skin, Pimples also. After her consultation and some investigations she gave me Internal Ayurvedic Medicines and some Panchakarma treatments. Now my Menses are regular, I am feeling light, fresh. My skin is as my age and I can think positively. I have to still work on my Weight issues as I am a working woman and cant take care of my diet as per her suggestion. But I am looking forward to her Treatment and support.

Patients Name: Mrs.S.Padalkar (42)
Tennis Elbow With Hair Loss Due To Hormonal Imbalance

I came to Dr. Aarti in August 2014 for my C/O Tennis Elbow with one reference. Due to this I was facing severe pain in my Right arm and restriction of that joint movements also. For this I have taken Allopathy and Ayurvedis Medicines & Panchakarma also but no effect was getting. Meanwhile I was suffering from Severe Hairloss (Alopecia ) Mood Swings, Low Confidence, and Negative Sleep also. As per other doctor it was due to Menopause but I was not satisfactory with this answer. After her first consultation she gave me Internal Ayurvedic Medicines, Hair Cleansing Powder and Shmpoo along with one Medicine for Hair Loss. Now with the period of time I am out of Tennis Elbow and my other complaints. But I am very happy about my Hair Growth, it's normal and healthy!
I was getting too many problems with Antibiotics and Allopathy Medicines but now yes, I can say I don't need those at all.

Patients Name: Mrs. P.Lonikar (26)
Continuous Heavy Bleeding With Clots

I came to Dr. Aarti in July 2015 with my husbands friends reference. At that time I was suffering from continuous 1 month heavy bleeding with clots. Due to this severe Lower Back Ache, Pre- menstrual Symptom, Burning and other psychological symptoms. I am a known patient of Hypothyroidism since 5 years and on continous medication of Eltroxin for that. My daughter is 2 years old and due to all this I was fed up. My sleep was disturbed and due to all these Medicines I have 2-3 attacks of Gastritis per month. When I came to her first she concentrated on my Bleeding and within a week it stopped, later after one month my menses was normal and now it was just for 10 days. But now after six months my Hospital Admission is not there, my menses are manageable and I am feeling very positive also. Now I can concentrate on my Daughter also, and very positive towards my life also. I am now taking Treatment for Hypothyroidism and related symptoms. Thank you so much Dr. Aarti.