Masanumasik Chikitsa (Pregnancy Care)

Patients Name: Mrs. S.Deo (chinchwad)

I came to Dr. Aarti due to my Health complaints. I was married in 2011 and since then I had digestive complaints, ardhashishi along with Hepatitis. My weight was decreasing and no hunger at all.I came to her with my mother's reference she gave me ayurvedic medicines. Subsequently my health was improving nicely and I had a good news, for that I consulted her. She gave me Ayurvedic Medicines and Yonipichu. It was a great experience with these Suvarnayukta Medicines, I never felt like nausea, dullness, or any down feeling. At the same time I was continuing my education as well for 9 mnths. I followed her Diet regimen, it was excellent, no bed rest and no complications at all.
I gave birth to a baby girl in feb 2013,she is so well and healthy. She is very smart and active, with a fantastic immunity. Through out my pregnancy & delivery my weight was like only baby's weight. Thanks to Dr. Aarti and Ayurved for being part of my great phase of life. Looking forward to have it again in future also doctor.

Patients Name: Mr. & Mrs.U.U. Deshpande (Kothrud, Pune)

We have a daughter of 6 years of age and we want to go for second pregnancy, so with our relative’s reference we came to Dr. Aarti in November 2008. After her check up, she adviced us some investigations along with Ayurvedic Medicines. We both had her supraja treatment for three months and Panchakarma Treatment like Nasya, Uttarbasti, Yonipichu and later Rasayan Chikitsa.After three months I have conceived, after that she gave me the Suvarnayukta Medicines for Masanumasik Chikitsa. In that period I had a great time, and felt very positive also. Then in September 2009 I gave birth to a baby boy with a normal delievery.
It was a fantastic experience as I was working with my husband as well for whole nine months.whenever I had a problem she was there to resolve. Later also after my delivery I had the ayurvedic medicines for Sutika Chikitsa. Even we gave our son the Suvarna Prashan Medicine which gave him fantastic Immunity and till now he is in good health. Thank you so much doctor for your care and treatment through out my pregnancy and delivery time.

Patients Name: Mrs. P. Gondhalekar (Aurangabad)

I came to Dr. Aarti in May 2013 for my Irregular Menses with White Discharge and Clots. My sister suggested her name,after her Treatments and Medicines for six months I had a normal menses, even my Ovulation was also normal. In the month of January I had a good news then I followed her Suvarna yukta Medicines for whole nine months, I was working in an IT company with good health. Whenever I had any complaint I use to take only Ayurvedic Medicines.
It was a nice experience to me as I was not a true follower of Ayurveda but now after my baby's birth I can say, anyone will be benefited with Ayurveda. After my delivery I was facing some problem for lactation and I was staying in Aurangabad. But she sent me those Medicines by courier and for whole six months I was taking her medicines and got rid of those complaints. Now my weight is as before pregnancy and living with my husband and baby.

Patients Name: Mrs. S. H. Herlekar (Belgaon)

I came with my husband to Dr. Aarti, Pune for my pregnancy in the month of July 2010. My both sisters had taken treatment from her Supraja Chikitsa. With our basic Investigations she gave us both the Ayurvedic Medicines and Rasayan Chikitsa along with Panchakarma Treatment.As we were living in Belgaon, it was difficult to visit her every month but was in contact with her through phone and email.
I got a good news of my pregnancy in January 2011, after that she used to send us the Suvarnaukta Medicines through courier. I was perfectly fine and was doing my household work on my one. In September 2011 I gave birth to a baby boy and after two years gave birth to a baby girl.At that time also I used to take her Suvarnayukta Medicines and never felt of any complaint through Pregnancy, Delivery and Lactation..... Thanks Dr. Aarti

Patients Name: Mrs. A. Purandare (Pune)

We came to Dr. Aarti in August 2010 in my second month of Pregnancy as I was complaining with severe Nausea, Vomitting and Indigestion due to Hormonal Imbalance. At that time I have tried my Gyneac's Allopathy Medicines but no effect. But after starting her Suvarnaukta Medicines, I was getting results within three days. Then we both decided to continue her Masanumasik Chikitsa for 9 months. I gave birth to a baby girl in February 2011, she if fantastic and our whole family is happy to be her in our life.

Patients Name: Mrs. S.Deshpande (Mauritius)

I came to Dr. Aarti in the year 2010, I was facing problem to conceive and trying hard in India and in Maurtius also. With my in laws reference, I came to her and good results in my menses. Later I got the good news and started her Masanumasik Chikitsa along with Suvarna Medicines for whole nine months. I have delivered a baby boy in 2011, then also we both had Medicines from her as Sutika Paricharya and Baby package. I am still in her contact through mail and phone..... Thanks Dr. Vyas.

Patients Name: Mrs. S.Joshi (24)
Primary Infertility due to Anovulation:

We came to Dr. Aarti in year 2012 as having severe joint pain due to Arthritis. I used to take Steroids for that and due which I was unable to conceive. There was severe hormonal imbalance, along with Lower back ache, white discharge, hair loss and Anovulation due to Ovulatory Cyst. My ESR WAS 53, Uric Acid 4.2 and my Weight 40 kg only. Urine Protein +ve and C Reactive Protein +ve. After her first consultation she advised us to first recover other problems and then concentrate on Pregnancy, which was acceptable for us. Now two years of her treatment I am out of Arthritis, Indigestion, PCOD and Cyst and my Ovulation is normal. My weight is 49 kg and I am very positive towards life also. Now she is giving Rasayan and Supraja Chikitsa to both of us for a healthy Conception. We are very happy with her line of Treatment and support..... Thank you so much Dr. Aarti.

Primary Infertility

Ayush's Mother Pune (Case of Fertility and Pregnancy)
Treatment: (for 9 months) Year: 2013-2014

It was really a great and pleasant experience with Vyas Ayurvedhaa and Dr. Aarti... I am proud to say that Ayurveda was vital part of my pregnancy... I never felt like nausea... In entire 9 months period I was well and sound... No any abnormality... Diet plan was excellent... No Bed Rest... No problem for sitting and standing even in 9th month... No complications at the time of delivery as well... Baby was well, healthy and sound... Now he is very smart and active... And most important that I did not gain my weight throughout pregnancy and after delivery as well... Whatever weight was with me it was baby's weight... Thanks to Vyas Ayurvedha and Dr. Aarti for being part of my golden phase of life... Looking forward to have it again in future.

Patients Name: Mrs. S.R. Pathare (27) Chandan Nagar, Pune
Primary Infertility with Chronic Cervicitis and Anovulation

I am married since five years and we were planning for baby since three years. For that, we both have taken allopathy treatment like ovulation with medicines and injection, and even tried IUI thrice but not conceived. So after my father's advice, we came to Dr. Aarti in March 2012. She advised us some investigations and started Ayurvedic Medicines and some Panchakarma Treatments. Meanwhile due to her treatment I lost 6 kg weight also and it gave me light feel, increased my digestion. Even my sleep, sexual life and psychology was in positive mode. I had a severe complaint of Cervicitis since long and Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), blackish menses with fowl smell, which I get rid of these complaints also. After 8 months of treatment I was conceived and then started Masanumasik Chikitsa for nine months with diet regimen and i gave birth to a baby girl. I had delivered in august 2013. I am very thankful to her for her extra efforts whatever she is taking for her patients.

Patients Name: Mrs. A. Pukale (27)Shukrawar Peth, Pune
Primary Infertility due to Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancies and torch test +ve and Right Salphingectomy

I had a very bad obstetric history due to twice ruptured pregnancies in right ovulatory tubes and due to that I had operated for Right Salphingectomy. We came to Dr. Aarti in June 2011 with our brothers I had only left tube she advised me Ayurvedic Medicines, Panchakarma and Rasayan Chikitsa for 3-4 months, then I had done Ovulatory Study which came normal. After she gave us both Ayurvedic Medicines and some Panchakarma Treatments like Uttarbasti, Shirodhara, Yonipichu within a period of two months from her.
After my confirmation of Pregnancy I was not sure and depreesed also due to my past history,but she gave me the support very well and I delivered a baby girl in June 2012. We are very thankful to her as she gave us the greatest gift of our life.

Patients Name: Mrs. S.P. Sapar (kasarwadi)
Primary Infertility with Anovulation

We came to Dr. Aarti in June 2010 for my pregnancy ,we were married three years back and was worried about my pregnancy, as our marriage is in the relation. After her check up and some investigations she advised us some Ayurvedic Medicines along with two Panchakarma (Uttarbasti and Yonipichu). After her proper treatment me and my husband relieved from our other complaints like hyperacidity and my menstrual flow. Later in February 2011 I gave birth to a baby girl with normal delivery. Now she is 5 years old and when we see her we remind of Dr. Aarti, as we are blessed with such a beautiful daughter. Thank you Dr Vyas.

Patients Name: Mrs. S.S.Mundale (28) pune
Primary infertility due to pcos

We came to Dr. Aarti with my father’s reference, I had a c/o PCOS and due to that I was not able to conceive. We started our treatment July 2007 for my irregular menses, brownish clots and for Aovulation. She gave me Ayurvedic Medicine along with Nasya, Uttarbasti and Yonipichu. In November 2008 I gave birth to a baby boy. After my delievery we followed her Sutika Regimen and Suvarna Prashan for our son. Later in my second pregnancy again I had Masanumasik Chikitsa, she gave me Suvarna Medicine from 6th month, I have delivered a girl child in February 2011. We both are very happy with her treatment, later also we refer my sisters and relatives to her for their pregnancies. Thank you so much Dr. Aarti.

Secondary Infertility

Patients Name: Mrs. Y.N.jadhav (35) & Mr.N.Jadhav (42)
Secondary Infertility with PCOS

Myself, Mr and Mrs. Jadhav 32 years, having a daughter of 11 years and was trying for second child but failed for natural conception and once there was missed abortion also .Then with my husband’s reference we came to Dr. Aarti. Taking my history of, she advised us to do some investigations. Looking at this report and her own check up she gave me Ayurvedic Medicines and Uttarbasti and Pichu (treatment from panchakarma). And to my husband some Ayurvedic Medicines with Shirodhara. We have completed all the treatment and I got pregnant. She advised me Masanumasik Chikitsa along with Suvarna Medicines, diet regimen, for nine months And in Dec. 2013 we are blessed with a baby boy. And our whole family is thankful to Dr. Aarti.

Patients Name: Mrs. S.Potdar(38) & Mr. Potdar (40)
Secondary Infertility with Bilateral Terminal Hydrosalphinx with Right Ovarian Cyst

Myself, Mrs. S. Potdar visited Dr. Aarti for pregnancy treatment. I had bilateral terminal Hydrosalphinx with opacification of both fallopian tubes and endometrial cavity and Right Ovarian Cyst. After so much of Allopathy treatment, IUI and Ovulatory studies we lost hope of our second baby and meanwhile I put on weight and got bleeding piles also. She advised us to undergo for some investigations. I had a daughter of 13 years and for that she gave me some ayurvedic medicines and advised Uttarbasti and Yonipichu and for my husband, ayurvedic medicines only. After taking that for 1 & ½ years I was having normal ovulation and after that she suggested us to go for natural conception. After the confirmation of pregnancy she gave me Masanumasik Chikitsa and Suvarna Medicine for 9 months. Now we have a baby boy delivered in the month of April 2013. Along with this treatment my teachers job was also there through out for nine months, she used to give me good information regarding my ANC and I could enjoy my pregnancy as well. And at the same time I got rid of bleeding piles and Right Ovarian Cyst also. We are thankful to her for making my pregnancy with Ayurvedic treatment. We are your brand ambassadors mam!

Patients Name: Mr. D. Kumbhar (39) & Mrs. R. Kumbhar (37)
Secondary infertility with no reasons found

Myself, Mrs. R. kumbhar have diagnosed with secondary infertility with no cause, even I had two miscarriages. Along with this I had severe migraine, fatique with Colietis. I felt very weak with my daily routine. Then we came to know about the fertility treatment of Dr. Aarti with my friend's reference in the year of Sep 2010. After her check up and some investigations she suggest us Ayurvedic Treatment, Panchakarma (Uttarbasti, Yonipichu) treatments along with Rasayan Chikitsa. After the whole treatment I conceived by natural way. Then for whole nine months I was under her Masanumasik Chikitsa and Suvarna Medicines, gave birth to a baby boy in the month of Jan 2012. Our son is so healthy and looks beautiful also, even he is so calm and cool through out his first days so we three enjoyed his early days. Thanks to Dr. Aarti for giving us such fruitful result with an ayurvedic line of treatment.

Patients Name: Mrs Y. Jadhav (32) & Mr Jadhav (35) (Lohgaon, Pune)
Secondary infertility and D & C done twice due to inadequate growth of the child

I Mr. Jadhav from Lohgaon Pune working in a multinational company, came to Dr. Aarti with my relatives reference for secondary infertility. My wife went through d & c twice due to unknown reasons and during the whole process she was complaining of menses and mental irritation. We came to Dr. Aarti in Jan 2011, after her consultation she gave her medicines and suggest some Panchkarma Treatments like Uttarbasti, Yonipichu and Nasya for her and Rasayan Chikitsa for me. After completion of her treatment doctor told us to go for conception and within two months my wife got a good news of pregnancy. We have continued the whole Masanumasik Chikitsa along with Suvarna Medicine from 6 th month,and got some diet regimen along with counseling. We were happy that we have received the result in such a less span in a natural way. We are blessed with a baby boy in the year 2012. We are thankful to her for great effort she has taken for us. Now we can say Ayurveda has a tremendous power for cure of disease in minimal expenses..... Thanks again Dr. Aarti

Patients Name: Mr. S. Jadhav & Mrs. S.S. Jadhav (Shukrawar Peth, Pune)
Secondary Infertility with Hypothyroidism and Hyperprolactinimia

Myself S.S.Jadhav had problem of PCOS and Hypothyroidism since three years. Due to this I was unable as I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was sufering from problems in my menses, fissures. At the same time my Usg reports shows thick endometrium of 14mm. When we came to Dr. Aarti she gave us the Ayurvedic Medicines along with some Panchakarma Treatments (Virechana, Uttarbasti and Shirodhara mainly) and Rasayan Chikitsa. We followed her treatment and after two months I was seeing so much change in myself, now my menses were normal and seeing some fertility changes as told by Ayurveda. And in the year 2009 we got the good news. And through out for nine months I was taking her Suvarna Medicines, diet regimen and some changes in lifestyle which made me very happy and calm from inside. In July 2011 we had a baby boy, after doing his investigations of Thyroid it was totally normal. He is so healthy and without any complaints through his early days. Thanks Dr. Aarti for giving me such a nice gift.

Patients Name: Mr. & Mrs. Gidde
Secondary Infertility with Viral Infections

We both are doctors by profession and I have diagnosed with IGg and IGm Rubella Infection along with with my relatives reference. She gave both of us first Panchakarma Treatment along wih Gestational Diabetes due to which I had still birth in 2010. Then we came to Dr. Aarti in December 2010. She suggested us some Investigations regarding Immune Assay and Fertility. After that she started her Ayurvedic Medicines and advised me some diet changes also. I have done Uttarbasti, Shorodhara for my past complaints. And within six months I have missed my menses, my pregnancy test was positive. Then for whole nine months she gave me Ayurvedic Medicines along with Suvarna Kalpa. Meanwhile I was doing my regular practice and In Jan 2011 I gave birth to my son without any complication. Through out her treatment I got mental calmness and positivity as well.
Thanks Dr. Aarti.

Patients Name: Mrs. P. Padalkar (39) & Mr.Padalkar (45)
Secondary Infertility with Hypothyroid

I am working in BSNL and my husband is a Engineer, I was suffering with Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain since my second delivery. We wants to grow our family and came to Dr. Aarti in January 2012.After some Investigations, she suggested me to undergo for some Allopathy Medicies of Hypothyroidism under other doctor treatment. When my menses get regularized she started Ayurvedic Medicines, Panchakarma like Nasya, Uttarbasti, Shirodhara for some time. It was convenient and easy to follow to both of us. After conception she started different Ayurvedic Medicines for my Weight, Thyroid and my Pregnancy. We got result in Jan 2013 with a healthy baby. Meanwhile I had Sutika Chikitsa after my delivery and lost my extra weight also.
Thank you so much Dr.Aarti Vyas

Patients Name: Mr. & Mrs.Dangat
Secondary Infertility with PCOS and Bulky Ovaries And Asthenospermia

We came to Dr. Aarti in December 2010 for my Anovulatory cycles due to PCOS and Bulky Ovaries with our doctors reference. At the same time my husband was diagnosed with Asthenospermia. We both had Ayurvedic Treatment, Panchakarma (Shirodhara, Uttarbasti, etc.) after three months my ovulation was normal. Then after our conception my pregnancy test was positive within four months, then i underwent for the treatment of Masanumasik Chikitsa and Suvarna kalpa from first month. I had delivered a baby boy in the year 2013. Before coming to her I was going through very bad phase but now after my delivery I am feeling very healthy. After my delivery we continued for her further treatment and got fantastic results for my weight issues also..... Thanks Dr. Aarti

Patients Name: Mrs. A.P. Mokashi (33) & Mr. P. Mokashi (38)
Secondary Infertility with Unexplained Reasons

We came to Dr. Aarti for infertility as I was suffering from severe white discharge along with Cervicitis. At the same time I was feeling very low, had Butterfly Pigmentation and Fissures as well. I had recurrent tendency of H Pylori Infection and yes my body weight was 38 kg. My husband’s sperm count was 12 million /ml ,so we were afraid for that also. After her consulatation she gave both of us Ayurvedic Medicines and some Panchakarma Treatments .Within four months I got conceived, and followed her Suvarna Kalpa and Masanumasik Medicine and diet regimen. But after two months I had severe cough and due to which rib cage fracture was there.She geve me some Medicines for Cough also and it was cured. But she was confident about her treatment and she was right, I gave birth to a baby boy in the month of August 2014. Being my low weight I had normal delivery and my baby’s weight also normal. Thanks to her and ayurveda.

Patients Name: Mrs S. Tupe (26) & Mr. A. Tupe (31) (Hadapsar, Pune)
Secondary Infertility with Recurrent Abortions due to Growth Problems

We came to Dr. Aarti in December 2012 with my sister's reference as I had missed abortions twice due to some growth problems. After her consultations she gave us Ayurvedic Medicines and some Panchakarma Treatment along with Rasayan Chikitsa. After some time my ovulation was normal,then she started Ayurvedic Medicines for me and my husband for three months which was very easy to consume and carry. I got the good news of my pregnancy in November 2013, after that she gave me Masanumasik Chikitsa along with Suvarna Medicine for whole nine months. I was doing my regular household activities without any bed rest and felt very energetic also. And we had a baby boy in July 2014. We both are very thankful to her and Ayurveda.

Patients Name: Mrs. P.S.Gaikwad (37) & Mr. S.Gaikwad (42)
Secondary Infertility with Irregular Menses and Scanty Menses

I am a teacher and staying at Sinhagarh Road. We want the second child as my first one is 13 years now, and meanwhile I had two abortions due to my menstrual complaints and Anovulation. During the same time my menses was irregular and comes after 2/3 months gap ,I had the complaint of bleeding piles after my first delivery. With my teacher friend’s reference we both came to Dr. Aarti in March 2012.After some investigations she gave us Ayurvedic Medicines and Panchakarma along with Rasayan Chikitsa.
Meanwhile myself and my husband we both lost some weight which was above 70 kg's. And we got the good news in the month of January 2012 and I gave birth to my son in the month of September 2013. During the Pregnancy I was working in the School, but despite of that my baby's growth was perfectly fine but yes, I was taking her medicines of Masanumasik Chikitsa, Suvarna Kalpa and diet regimen. We both are very thankful to her what she has done for us as we lost our hope of pregnancy due to my medical complications.

Woman Section

Patients Name: Mrs.S.Padalkar (42)
Tennis Elbow With Hair Loss Due To Hormonal Imbalance

I came to Dr. Aarti in August 2014 for my C/O Tennis Elbow with one reference. Due to this I was facing severe pain in my Right arm and restriction of that joint movements also. For this I have taken Allopathy and Ayurvedis Medicines & Panchakarma also but no effect was getting. Meanwhile I was suffering from Severe Hairloss (Alopecia ) Mood Swings, Low Confidence, and Negative Sleep also. As per other doctor it was due to Menopause but I was not satisfactory with this answer. After her first consultation she gave me Internal Ayurvedic Medicines, Hair Cleansing Powder and Shmpoo along with one Medicine for Hair Loss. Now with the period of time I am out of Tennis Elbow and my other complaints. But I am very happy about my Hair Growth, it's normal and healthy!
I was getting too many problems with Antibiotics and Allopathy Medicines but now yes, I can say I don't need those at all.

Patients Name: Mrs. P.Lonikar (26)
Continuous Heavy Bleeding With Clots

I came to Dr. Aarti in July 2015 with my husbands friends reference. At that time I was suffering from continuous 1 month heavy bleeding with clots. Due to this severe Lower Back Ache, Pre- menstrual Symptom, Burning and other psychological symptoms. I am a known patient of Hypothyroidism since 5 years and on continous medication of Eltroxin for that. My daughter is 2 years old and due to all this I was fed up. My sleep was disturbed and due to all these Medicines I have 2-3 attacks of Gastritis per month. When I came to her first she concentrated on my Bleeding and within a week it stopped, later after one month my menses was normal and now it was just for 10 days. But now after six months my Hospital Admission is not there, my menses are manageable and I am feeling very positive also. Now I can concentrate on my Daughter also, and very positive towards my life also. I am now taking Treatment for Hypothyroidism and related symptoms. Thank you so much Dr. Aarti.

Patients Name: Miss S.Khedgikar (28) (Pune)
Irregular Menses And Obesity

I came to Dr. Aarti in February 2015, for my Irregular Menses and Obesity. Before five years my weight was 62 kg, but due to my personal stress and job schedule my Menses was Irregular (2-3 months). Along with this I was facing Fissures, Dry & Patchy Skin, Pimples also. After her consultation and some investigations she gave me Internal Ayurvedic Medicines and some Panchakarma treatments. Now my Menses are regular, I am feeling light, fresh. My skin is as my age and I can think positively. I have to still work on my Weight issues as I am a working woman and cant take care of my diet as per her suggestion. But I am looking forward to her Treatment and support.

Menopause Section

Patients Name: Mrs.N.Jadhav (52) (Narayan Peth, Pune)

In the year September 2007, I was 47 years old and facing severe bleeding since 1 month. After USG & Gyneac's consultation she gave me some Hormonal Medicines which was of no use. After two months that doctor told me to go for Hysterctomy. Me and my family was not at all positive about the surgery, as we heard about the post operative side effects of this surgery. So in 2007 we came to Dr. Aarti she gave me Internal Ayurvedic Medicines along with some Diet changes. She also suggested me the bed rest. Within ten days I was feeling nice,my menstrual flow was in control now. We continued her Ayurvedic Medicines for next one year and now I am free from those complaints and meanwhile my digestion is also improved, my calcium problems are also manageable.Whenever I need, comes to her for her guidance. Thankyou so much Dr. Aarti.

Patients Name: Mrs D. Prasade (55) (Warje, Pune)
Hypertension, Leucorrohea, Peri menopausal Syndrome

I came to Dr. Aarti in September 2010 for my menopause related problems .I was facing Hyperension along with Irregular Menses and white discharge. I was feeling very weak and psychologically very low and negative. After her check up and USG I came to know that I was having Anterior wall Intra mural Fibroid due to which I was going through a bad phase of my life. She gave me Ayurvedic Medicines along with some Panchakarma Procedures like Yonipichu and Basti. I was under her treatment for whole one year and everyone felt in my family and myself the changes in me. Later in 2013 again I was having the same complaints, but severity was higher. But with her expert opinion I don't the surgery of Hysterectomy which my one of doctor suggested. Now I am perfectly fine and enjoying my second phase of life..... Thank you so much Dr. Aarti.

Kids Section

Patients Name: Miss Dhruvi Jadhav (Age 9) (Narayan Peth, Pune)
Weak Digestion Induced Recurrent Infections

I came to Dr. Aarti in 2012 with my mother in law’s reference. My daughter was complaining of recurrent boil with tremendous pus on her nose since 1 year. We had tried other treatments but no results. After her check up she applied two Leaches on her nose as a Panchakarma Treatment for three times. Since then she got rid of that, meanwhile with the Internal Ayurvedic Medicines she got rid from Recurrent Respiratory Infections. Previously she had a very low appetite, recurrent worms, weight loss (13 kg), irritability and patchy skin also. We used to give her Antibiotics and sometimes Asthalin spray for her cough problems, from our GP. There was mild infiltrations in Rt hilar and infra hilar regions (CXR). But just with 1 or 2 continuous Medicines now she is perfectly fine. I still consult Dr. Aarti for her complaints and continue her Medicines for my daughter Immunity Improvement. Thank you so much Doctor.

Patients Name: Miss T.Kanade (18) (Kothrud, Pune)
Menorrhegia With Clots and Severe Pain

I came to Dr. Aarti in July 2015 with my Daughter, she is having heavy menses since two months continuously. We already gave her Tab Pause but seeing it's side effects, consulted Dr. Vyas. After her check up and USG reports (Thick Endometrium of 15mm & PCOD) she gave her some Ayurvedic Medicine and Diet Regimen with Bed rest. After one week my daughter was feeling well, her flow was stopped now and relived from other symptoms. Since July now my daughter is taking her Ayurvedic Medicines and she don't need Tab Pause. After three months she suggested us the USG & Hormonal Assay. We are very happy to be taking help of Ayurved Medicines for her, it was very easy to consume and palatable also. Thank you so much.

Patients Name: Miss P. Gaikwad (20) (Kopargaon, Nagar)
Bleeding Piles, Hairfall & PCOS

I came to Dr. Aarti in June 2014 with my mother. I was having c/o, PCOS, with bulky ovaries and due to that my menses were irregular, even I had taken Hormonal Peels from Gynaec for 1 year due to which I have started Bleeding Piles also. I was suffering from so many problems, I was irritated and feeling low and depressed also. With her Ayurvedic Medicines now I am perfectly fine, my USG reports are normal within three months. It was a great experience with Ayurveda and Dr.Vyas. Now I am working in Pune in a multinational company, my skin is glowing, my menses are normal and I am very positive also. Thank you so much Dr. Aarti. Whenever in need I will be there.

Men Section

Patients Name: Mr.Joshi (28yrs)
Severe Oligospermia and Infertility

I came to Dr. Aarti in the year 2013, as I was suffering from Severe Oligospermia(1.2million/ml) and due to that Infertility. With that I was having severe fatique, stressed out and irritability also. I was unable to sleep at night and due to which disturbed digestion. After some investigation she started with the Ayurvedic Medicines , some changes in food. Within a month my other symptoms were gone. Meanwhile she was doing Semen Analysis periodically, and yes it was improving. In the year 2014 it was (10 millon/ml) and now in the year 2015 it is 42 million/ml with positive symptoms. Now she suggested us to go for conception and we both are looking forward to it. Thanks Dr. Aarti for your support and the Ayurvedic Medicines which are very easy to consume in my hectic schedule and very effective as well.

Patients Name: Mr. A. Dangat (39 years)
Hyperthyroidism With Severe Headache

I am a Builder by profession and due to my hectic and disturbed schedule since 2010, I was suffering from Severe Headache along with other digestive complaints and disturbed sleep. I was used to smoke 10-12 cigarettes per day with drinks and non veg food also. Due to which I have Right iliac pain, blackish stool, low BP, even operated for Bleeding Piles but of no use. Then with my younger brother's reference I came to Dr. Aarti in February 2011, after some blood investigations and USG, I have diagnosed with Hypothyroidism mainly. Then she started some Ayurvedic Medicines along with Panchakarma Treatment (Shirodhara) periodically. After three months I was free from all those symptoms and then for Hypothyroid she started Rasayan Chikitsa. It is very effective and since then I am taking those medicines till now. Now I am feeling very healthy and calm,I can say she and her Ayurvedic Medicines are really very effective for my problems as I was fed up of taking Antibiotics and Thyroid Medicines which were showing side effects like Hair loss and other digestive complaints.....Thanks again.

Patients Name: Mr. M.Javhare (25)

I came to Dr. Aarti in May 2015 with my sister's reference. I was suffering from severe Hair loss and blackening and drying of my face skin. I was doing so many treatments and taking allopathy hormones for those but no effect. Due to which I had too many Pimples on my Face, Back, tremendous heat and due to which felt depressed also. But with doctors Ayurvedic Medicines I was seeing results within a month. My hairloss was stopped, good hunger and digestion and no pimples at all. The whole thing happened just with some Internal Medication. She also gave me Diet Plan which was very convenineant and easy to follow. I used to ate 3-5 boiled eggs daily, but after her advice, slowered down the quantity. Thank you so much Dr. Aarti for giving me, my confidence back due to all problems.

Patients Name: Mr. S.Thombre (38)

I am working in Police Department, and due to night shift, outside food I was facing Severe Acidity, Bleeding Piles and itching in anal area. I have taken so many treatments but no effect, meanwhile I was facing hairloss which was in large quantity, I came to Dr. Aarti in September 2012. She started Ayurvedic Medicines and some diet tips, I was seeing good results in my overall complaints and feeling energetic also. She gave me some Hair cleansing powder, internal Hair growth Medicine which was very effective since first week. My baldness was decreasing and can see new hair growth in that area. Those Medicines are easy to take and thrice daily which was comfortable with my routine. Thanks Doctor.


Patients Name: Miss S.Navale (32)

I came to Dr. Aarti in 2011 for my Psoriasis complaint. I had a history of Psoriasis, itching, skin and hair scaling followed by hair loss since three years. For this reason I was under treatment of Skin Specialist and was taking Steroids but not at all effective. When I visited her she told me the reasons behind this, as I was applying tobacco on daily basis and my unhealthy food habits. I am a MPSC student and due to my schedule I was unable to give time for my treatment. But with Doctor’s Ayurvedic Medicine I was getting result from first month only. She gave me internal medicine along with one liquid hair application, which was very easy to use. Now my health is in positive way. I can see new Hair growth also along with other symptoms. I am very thankful to her as she helped me in an extra manner as I was going through depression due to Psoriasis.

Patients Name: Mrs.S.Khaladkar (Dhayari, Pune)

I came to Dr. Aarti in September 2012 with my sister's reference. I was having Psoriasis since three years and due to which I have to face itching, burning, along with digestive complaints and white discharge. After my consultation she gave me Internal Ayurvedic Medicines and one liquid application on affective area. Within a month I was getting result and after one year's regular Medicine, my Psoriasis is a history. I am still on her Medication as a Rasayan Chikitsa. Thank you so much Doctor Aarti Vyas.