Bride and Bride Groom Package

Let us make this the most memorable day of your life. We are here with traditional ayurvedic medicines and therapies to create the perfect synergy of inner beauty and outer radiance. This is the nurturing experience which will completely distress you. Vyas introduces a beautiful and exotic pre-bridal experience specially crafted for that unmatched glow on the most special day of girl's life. Our combination of ayurvedic oil massages, shirodhara, hair treatments and internal medicines over minimum 5 days / 7 days refresh your mind, body and soul.

Weight loss Package

This common nutritional/metabolic disorder of modern age is characterized by excess accumulation of fat in the body. Continuous indulgence in high fat foods, fried items etc., along with sedentary life style results in excessive fat getting blocked in various body channels.

In the weight loss program there is importance of diagnosis & prior treatment for underlying hormonal imbalance. The weight loss program typically takes several months depending on an individual. We take the aid of laboratory tests, patient history and a physical examination. Our package restores the hormonal balance with Panchakarma & internal medicines. The vicious circle of causes & effects of aging can thus be broken. Our package restores the hormonal balance with Panchakarma & internal medicines. The vicious circle of causes & effects of aging can thus be broken.

Stress Management

In day to day life, in any physical disease many symptoms are not purely physical. Similarly the so called psychological disease also exhibits a lot of symptoms which are not purely psychological. Therefore the body and the mind, though different are inseparably linked to each other.

While describing Mental Disorders, Ayurveda emphasis is on correct behavior, proper diet, attending to natural urges, control of psychological activity & the observance of daily as well as seasonal regimen to prevent and cure such diseases.

Depression, Anxiety, abnormal behavior, mannerisms, sudden change in mood, loss of memory, mental stress, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, perpetual confusion,etc. According to Ayurveda the causes for depression or Mano-Vishad are Imbalance in the three humors, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and Lack of awareness of one's deeper, inner Self.

Anti-ageing (Rasayana Chikitsa)

Rasayana is an exceptional Ayurvedic anti-ageing treatment. In Ayurvedic line of treatment, anti-aging means principally keeping up a healthy body into geezer hood and bringing down the operation of aging, degeneration and depreciation. The objective of anti-aging treatment (Rasayan Chikitsa) is to aim for a healthy aging mode, and to maintain both mind and body working at optimum level, so the treasures of old age can be relished with peace of mind and vitality. A more suited term for Ayurvedic anti-aging is 'good aging' since the gains of age, maturity and experience must not be refused. To assist people reach the said goal, seasoned healers do many Ayurvedic anti-aging treatments that could be distinguished as anti-aging in the natural way it raises collagen synthesis.

The patients can have the medicines & Panchakarma without strict retrictions which has a total impact on Skin, Hair, Weight & General Health.