Old Age Care

Old Age Care - Life Is Beautiful!

Old Age
Death is inevitable, but the diseases caused because of the ageing process can be easily prevented. Apart from graying of hair, wrinkling of skin, the ageing process affects eye sight, power of hearing, conditions of teeth, the power of digestion, movement of bowels and sleep. During old age, the bones undergo changes giving rise to osteoarthritis, the vertebral column becomes weak and the discs either get calcified or destroyed resulting in pain, stiffness and arresting movements.

At the same time the supply of normal blood is affected giving senile degeneration of brain tissues. So during old age they suffer from sleeplessness and lack of memory power.

Old Age & Ayurveda
Ayurveda literally means the science of life. For the promotion of positive health and prevention and cure of diseases it is in practice in India since time immemorial.

A person is to be treated healthy only when his mind, sense organs and the soul are in the state of perfect equilibrium to endow happiness. In addition, the body should be free from diseases. Ayurveda is the rich source of time tested and effective for the treatment of several incurable diseases. While curing such diseases strengthen the immunity system in the body and thus help in the prevention of diseases and preservation as well as promotion of positive health.

In ayurveda classics the first point will strike his attention is the Panchakarma therapy aims at cleansing the body and nourishing the tissues, it becomes very easy to rejuvenate these tissues and prevent the process of ageing. The span of life is thus prolonged and the individual leads a disease free old age

Ayurved is known for it’s health care ability since centuries. A happy & comfortable old age is the fruit of well disciplined life in a younger age. However old age brings along with many ageing health problems...

Digestive – constipation, indigestion, loss of appetite, colitis, etc.

Muscular-backache, lower back ache, joint pain, sciatica, difficulty in movements due to calcium loss and weight issues.

Psychological - fatigue, stress, depression, sleep complaints, fear of ageing and death.

Eye complaints - dry eye syndrome, vision complaints.

All these complaints of the old age could be prevented and cured only by the regular Ayurvedic Medicines & Panchakarma.