Nose is the entrance for organs in the head, neck. When the medicine is administered through the nose it reaches whole of the cranial cavity and affects respected functions. Nasya is good in enhancing the performance of Vata (Prana) which is located in moordha and controlling endocrine glands. Nasya is the best procedure for diseases of head.

Nasya is effective in many diseases related to –

Hypothyroidism, PCOD. Diabetic Retinopathy can be treated with 'Nasya treatment'.

By regular Nasya one can achieve following effects –

One gets good deep sleep. The channels are cleared. Sensory organs are stimulated. Mouth cavity, teeth cranium, neck, arms & chest become stronger due to improved circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The problems like hair loss, greying of hair, Hyperpigmentation on face and chronic cold are alleviated. If Nasya is practiced regularly the chronic cold is cured. It also helps in hair growth, arrests greying of hair, improves texture of skin, brings glow on face and removes preoblems of face too. This can also be practised for children (above one year) and old people.

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