Motherhood & Ayurveda

Becoming a mother is the most important phenomenon in a woman's life and childbirth is the most precious event. Thus a post delivered woman has to be given special care right after the delivery to ensure the perfect health of her baby and herself which is rightly done with SUPRAJA – a complete protocol for maternal care.

After the birth, a woman's dhatus are drained, her body is loose and cool. Because of her labor, the flow of water and blood from    her womb, her body is as if empty in a vacuum and drained. Her nutritional resourses need to be replenished by adequate rest &    diet.

The mother is given special herbs right after childbirth which are womb-cleansing, strength-giving and milk-augmenting.

The phases of motherhood are delicate, crucial, require good care and constant monitoring. The process involves physical, emotional and hormonal changes in a woman's body. A woman undergoes a lot of hormonal changes, which affect her emotional health too. Ayurveda recommends practices to bring about a state of balance in mind, body and soul of a Mother.


Breastfeeding is the best way to provide infants with the nutrients they need. WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding starting within one hour after birth until a baby is six months old. Nutritious complementary foods should then be added while continuing to breastfeed for up to two years or beyond.

Benefits of Breastfeeding In Infants

Breastmilk is the natural first food for babies, it provides all the energy and nutrients that the infant needs for the first months of life, and it continues to provide up to    half or more of a child's nutritional needs during the second half of the first year and up to one-third during the second year of life.

Breastmilk promotes sensory and cognitive development and protects the infant against infectious and chronic diseases.

Benefits of Breastfeeding to Mothers

Breastfeeding contributes to the health and well-being of mothers, it helps to space children.

Mothers who breastfeed also reduce their risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers.

But in some cases breastfeeding is disrupted by anxiety, stress, diet, hormones, mental emotions and drugs. Even emotions may alter the quality and quantity of milk.

Stretch Marks

More than 90% of total woman population are affected by stretch marks on the body particularly on the abdomen, groin and on the chest region during and after     pregnancy.

According to Ayurveda, these stretch marks are called as Kikkisa & is a physiological condition, occurs particularly in the 2nd trimester. It can be well prevented & managed by Ayurveda through Garbhini Paricharya mentioned in the classic.

Applying Ayurvedic remedies & therapies help to reduce stretch marks

Breast Abcess

This is the commonest breast complication during lactation. In this indigestion, general malaise, body pain, headache, fever, thirst arises. In the breast the mother may feel     stiffness, discharge, redness, local rise in temperature, severe pain, swollen breasts, burning sensation with axillary lymph node enlargements. In this, careful milking, massaging, purgation and congenial diet is effective.


The digestive power (paachak-agni) of a woman is weak afterchildbirth. She requires a light carminative, nutritious and liquid diet. This contrasts with the sweet, heavy     Diet and herbal substances have 'medicinal' qualities for restoring and promoting health and preventing disorders. Special herbs with foods are taken after child-birth with     the specific objectives of and oily diet called for in pregnancy.

Diet and herbal substances have 'medicinal' qualities for restoring and promoting health and preventing disorders. Special herbs with foods are taken after child-birth with     the specific objectives of
     • Helping the woman regain strength
     • Re-toning her reproductive system
     • Increasing the production of her milk.

Foods that are nourishing, heating, oily/fatty and that subside Vata are given to enable woman regain her strength. Some of the herbs facilitate the contractions of the     womb.

The most common diet suggested consists of light routine food usually liquid or semi-solid and containing ingredients that are strengthening and Vata-subsiding. If     affordable, ghee is used lavishly after the initial few days.

Body Massage

Massage is given to the woman after child-birth and is carried out varying from three days to one and a half month.

Traditional body massage
     • Subsides Vata
     • Improves muscle and skin tone
     • Gives strength and enhances stamina
     • It also relaxes

Usually the dai (midwife) or a massage woman gives massage and bath to the woman and the new born.

A hot water bath, followed with dhooni (fumigation), completes the shek (fomentation).


After around one month or so, the woman should gradually return to her routine diet. During this period, Ayurveda emphasize on rest and practices such as body massage,     vaginal fumigation and abdominal support(Pattabandh) which help a woman's body to regain its strength and vigor.

It is supposed to relieve soreness and protect the vulva from sepsis and strengthen the muscles and genital tissues.

Ayurveda say that this helps to subside Vata after childbirth to strengthen the vaginal muscles and to improve muscle tone and prevent womb prolapse in future.

Smoke of garlic peels, vavding, nirgundi, guggul, vekhand, ajwoin seeds is used.

Following are the complications, which a woman may experience during her pregnancy and after delivery

Before and After Pregnancy Complications

Anemia Pregnancy induced depression Irregular Menses
Thyroid Increase in sugar levels Fibroid
Thyroid Fluctuations Uterine Polyp Constipation
White discharge Tiredness Hirsuitism
Back pain Indigestion Gases & Constipation
Urinary tract infection Vaginal dryness Sexual complaints
Nipple Problems (cracks & bruises) Piles Weight problems
Skin Problems Hair Problems  


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