Menopause Is A Normal Part Of Life Just Like Puberty!

Menopause signifies the successful completion of one's reproductive period. It's a natural event that normally starts after the age of 45-50 years. When menstruation stops ovaries are no longer producing their normal amount of estrogen & progesterone, which is essential for women's fertility.

Thus a peri-menopausal and a menopausal woman should be enabled to successfully imbibe those changes occurring in her body and mind. Some women experience induced menopause as a result of Surgery or Medical Treatments or Chemotherapy and this period varies from 1-2 years due to which the woman going through this phase may feel constipation, menstrual disorders, uterine fibroid, heavy bleeding during menses (DUB), weight gain, hot flushes, tension, stress, irritability, bad temper, depression, night sweats, diminished interest or pain or severe dryness during sex, along with skin pigmentation (Cholasma - mask like pigmentation of the face), hair loss and fear of emptiness, ageing and sleep disturbances.

In these women due to Calcium, Nutritional Deficiencies we see slowed metabolism, thinning of hair, dry skin, joint related issues. Our centre focuses on relieving your signs & symptoms and preventing or managing these chronic and irreversible changes that occur with Ageing.


Patients Name: Mrs.N.Jadhav (52)
(Narayan Peth, Pune)

In the year September 2007, I was 47 years old and facing severe bleeding since 1 month. After USG & Gyneac's consultation she gave me some Hormonal Medicines which was of no use. After two months that doctor told me to go for Hysterctomy. Me and my family was not at all positive about the surgery, as we heard about....
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We advice

Internal Ayurvedic medicines to correct the imbalance.

Panchakarma - different body massages, head massage, shirodhara, medicated enema (basti), yonipichu, skin     treatments, etc.,

Balancing Diet, Lifestyle and Counseling.

Yoga and meditation are proving effective in decreasing the number of Menopausal Symptoms.

RASAYANA (Anti-ageing ) – This is our special, rejuvenating and age reversal therapy which includes ayurvedic    medicines and panchakarma treatments. In this we take care of Rasa dhatu disturbances, Anaemia (Iron Deficiencies),    Calcium & Multivitamin Deficiencies also only with Ayurved line of Treatment.