Men Section

Patients Name: Mr.Joshi (28yrs)
Severe Oligospermia and Infertility

I came to Dr. Aarti in the year 2013, as I was suffering from Severe Oligospermia(1.2million/ml) and due to that Infertility. With that I was having severe fatique, stressed out and irritability also. I was unable to sleep at night and due to which disturbed digestion. After some investigation she started with the Ayurvedic Medicines , some changes in food. Within a month my other symptoms were gone. Meanwhile she was doing Semen Analysis periodically, and yes it was improving. In the year 2014 it was (10 millon/ml) and now in the year 2015 it is 42 million/ml with positive symptoms. Now she suggested us to go for conception and we both are looking forward to it. Thanks Dr. Aarti for your support and the Ayurvedic Medicines which are very easy to consume in my hectic schedule and very effective as well.

Patients Name: Mr. A. Dangat (39 years)
Hyperthyroidism With Severe Headache

I am a Builder by profession and due to my hectic and disturbed schedule since 2010, I was suffering from Severe Headache along with other digestive complaints and disturbed sleep. I was used to smoke 10-12 cigarettes per day with drinks and non veg food also. Due to which I have Right iliac pain, blackish stool, low BP, even operated for Bleeding Piles but of no use. Then with my younger brother's reference I came to Dr. Aarti in February 2011, after some blood investigations and USG, I have diagnosed with Hypothyroidism mainly. Then she started some Ayurvedic Medicines along with Panchakarma Treatment (Shirodhara) periodically. After three months I was free from all those symptoms and then for Hypothyroid she started Rasayan Chikitsa. It is very effective and since then I am taking those medicines till now. Now I am feeling very healthy and calm,I can say she and her Ayurvedic Medicines are really very effective for my problems as I was fed up of taking Antibiotics and Thyroid Medicines which were showing side effects like Hair loss and other digestive complaints.....Thanks again.

Patients Name: Mr. M.Javhare (25)

I came to Dr. Aarti in May 2015 with my sister's reference. I was suffering from severe Hair loss and blackening and drying of my face skin. I was doing so many treatments and taking allopathy hormones for those but no effect. Due to which I had too many Pimples on my Face, Back, tremendous heat and due to which felt depressed also. But with doctors Ayurvedic Medicines I was seeing results within a month. My hairloss was stopped, good hunger and digestion and no pimples at all. The whole thing happened just with some Internal Medication. She also gave me Diet Plan which was very convenineant and easy to follow. I used to ate 3-5 boiled eggs daily, but after her advice, slowered down the quantity. Thank you so much Dr. Aarti for giving me, my confidence back due to all problems.

Patients Name: Mr. S.Thombre (38)

I am working in Police Department, and due to night shift, outside food I was facing Severe Acidity, Bleeding Piles and itching in anal area. I have taken so many treatments but no effect, meanwhile I was facing hairloss which was in large quantity, I came to Dr. Aarti in September 2012. She started Ayurvedic Medicines and some diet tips, I was seeing good results in my overall complaints and feeling energetic also. She gave me some Hair cleansing powder, internal Hair growth Medicine which was very effective since first week. My baldness was decreasing and can see new hair growth in that area. Those Medicines are easy to take and thrice daily which was comfortable with my routine. Thanks Doctor.