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Patients Name: Miss Dhruvi Jadhav (Age 9) (Narayan Peth, Pune)
Weak Digestion Induced Recurrent Infections

I came to Dr. Aarti in 2012 with my mother in law’s reference. My daughter was complaining of recurrent boil with tremendous pus on her nose since 1 year. We had tried other treatments but no results. After her check up she applied two Leaches on her nose as a Panchakarma Treatment for three times. Since then she got....
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Our Current Activities

A child with proper mental and physical health is a blessing to the family as well as society. It deals with nourishing, supporting, maintaining children with the only Ayurvedic way. It also deals with the topics of proper health education, nutritional guidelines and administration of immune modulators for overall growth and development of the child.

Give Your Child Something Special That Lasts Forever:

How Vyas Ayurvedhaa Will Help In These Following Groups

Ayurvedic medicines increase strong Immunity, so will definitely minimize the need of Immunization and will get rid of deficiencies and illness.

It will prevent common recurrent infections and other allergic conditions like cough, cold, fever, child asthma, tonsillitis, seasonal changes related complaints, etc.,

It will improve their digestion, visual activity, height and weight from growth perspective and even tones up their skin color.

It will reduce temper, tantrums, attention deficits, bed wetting and other such problems.

It will help to maintain Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual Health in children by preventing them from diseases.

At the same time Ayurvedic line of treatment improve memory, span of attention, concentration and learning ability.

Even Ayurvedic medicines are now proven effective in Intelligent Quotient(IQ), Development Quotient (DQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) improvisation of the child.

With Ayurvedic medicines you will get results in Skin complaints, Hair complaints, Worm manifestation without any side effect.

Baby Care

Abhyanga/Massage & the oils should be used

Bath & natural Products to use

Balguti & it’s importance

Baby Food

Clothes & Infection

Nappy rash

Natural Sleep

Milk & External Milk Related problems


Digestion related complaints/gases/constipation



Worm Manifestation & Ayurvedic Medicine

Milestone Development & its Impotance


Ten Samskars

Suvarna Prashan & it’s importance

Pre- mature Baby Care

Diseases—Dental irruption complaints & the Ayurvedic medicines for fever, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, recurrent infections

Groups in This Section

First Group (0—2 yrs)

New Born Baby Care: which focuses on care and support of a healthy child by providing nourishment, maintenance and protection through Ayurvedic Medicines, Proper Food Plan, our Traditional Baby Massage, Balguti in an easier manner.

In this age group Mother's Milk will give sufficient immune power, so should avoid feeding of other food in minimum 6-8 months of age. At the same time if Mother is getting insufficient milk, she should consume some proven Ayurvedic medicines to increase breast milk. This will benefit the new born baby to overcome mother's milk problems, related immunity. They will get their milestone development in a very surprising way.

Becoming a mother is the most important phenomenon in a woman’s life and childbirth is the most precious event. Thus a post delivered woman has to be given special care right after the delivery to ensure the perfect health of her baby and herself which is rightly done with SUPRAJA – a complete protocol for maternal care.

Second Group (2-7 yrs)

In this age group kids, we should focus on their nutritious food, digestion & some Internal Medicines. As this is the period when brain development takes place in an active manner and memory is kept in the brain. For this, it is necessary to increase the memory absorption power of brain, Intelligence & general health. At the same time we can work on color, height and eye problems of the child.

Third Group (7-12 yrs)

Sexual Education, School Health Check up, Meditation, Ahar, puberty changes, menstruation and their complaints if any Adolescence.

Fourth Group (12 yrs Onwards)

After 12yrs also, throughout the education period, they can take Ayurvedic medicines in increased dose, which will make them excellent in their own field. These medicines will help them in their digestion, skin care, hair care, activities, puberty changes, calcium and multivitamin support and etc.

Our Current Activities

School Health Checkup
An unique project with an intention to screen the nutritional status, immunological status and common childhood ailments in school children provide appropriate remedies along with proper health education. This is done in collaboration with other specialties like Dentist, Ophthalmologist and ENT specialist since the year 2011 continuously in Pune region schools.

Suvarna Prashan
It is one of the comprehensive immunizer mentioned in Ayurveda. It is a safe and tested Ayurvedic combination which is beneficial for normal growth and development of children. It is prepared with pure gold in its bio-available form and other Ayurvedic Immuno-modulators and brain tonics.

The time has come to make the future generation strong physically and mentally by inducing Swarna bindu prashana.

Swarna bindu prashana is a unique and safe method of immunization for children. It has to be adopted during early years of brain development. It helps to maintain healthy state of mind and body. Modern vaccination produce immunity against specific disease only whereas swarna bindu prashana produces specific immunity along with many other benefits.

Benefits: It reduces temper, attention deficit, bed wetting and other psychosomatic problems, learning difficulties, hyperactivity, delayed milestone developments etc.

It includes —
Formulation 1: This medicine is given on the day of Pushya Nakshatra.

Formulation 2: It comprises of different powder combinations with suvarna in it's bio-available form for different age groups of children. This is for daily administration to boost up the cell mediated immunity in the child.