Female Health

Female Health – Ayurveda & Yoga – Meditation:

God created man and woman as equal partners to share life its rewards and burdens, joys and sorrows. If life can be compared to a chariot, then man and woman are its two wheels. Ayurveda and Yoga is beneficial to both men and women. Women need Yoga even more than men as the responsibilities thrust upon them by nature are greater than men's.

Yet when the struggle exhausts even the upper limits of her patience, her body and mind get fatigued and her natural attention towards her family and children lessens.

Womens body is biologically created for some specific functions, she has to undergo the four stages of life- childhood, adolescence, middle age and old age. In these four stages physiological occur and in each of these she has to face problems and internal conflicts. This affects her physical and physiological organs as well as her mind.

Following are the trying periods and milestones of her life:

Pregnancy & lactation

At these periods important bodily and mental changes occur. Ayurved and Yoga develops her physiologically, psychologically, morally, and spiritually to grow healthily and to lead a pure life. With the help of Ayurved and Yoga a proper hormonal balance is affected in the endocrine glands and they are stimulated to function efficiently. It is absolutely essential for a woman to maintain her physical and mental well-being both for her sake and for the sake of her family.

Her physical body, her changing physiological functions and emotional states. Ayurved and Yoga helps woman to fulfill her tasks as well as to maintain her complexion, lustre, and feminity. Yoga stimulates the harmonious functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, glandular, genito - urinary and eliminatory systems. Ayurved and Yoga revitalizes all the systems resulting in sound mind in a sound body.

Menstrual complaints

Menses can affect a woman's mood throughout her lifetime. Sometimes the impact on mood can affect a woman's quality of life. Many times the symptoms that result can be managed with Ayurvedic internal medicine and/or Panchkarma therapies...Read More


It is the abnormal uterine bleeding where no organic cause can be detected. The nature of bleeding is menorrhagia, polymenorrhoea, metrorrhagia and continuous bleeding . It can be happen due to Hormonal Imbalance or intra uterine contraceptive device like Cu T, or patient having Cancer of Cervix, etc...Read More

PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)

It is a syndrome manifested by amenorrhea, hirsutism, and obesity associated with enlarged ovaries. It is chraracterized by excessive androgen production by the ovaries /adrenals, thus results in anovulation. In this condition patients have high estrogen, androgen and LH levels...Read More


According to Ayurveda, at cellular level Tridoshic balance is health. Vata being the prime dosha, regulates the physiological events of the body & mind. All neurological regulations on Endocrine glands are executed by Vata. Vata controls yantra roopa shareera & also mana & indriya. Vata have influence on neuro-endocrine functions of the body & mind....Read More


"The Finest Clothing Made Is A Persons Own Skin !"
Skin care is a part of the healthy lifestyle. Skin covers outer body, thus making it most vulnerable to dust, pollution, seasonal changes etc. Mental & Physical Stress directly affects the skin and results in early aging. The skin reflects the internal STATUS OF THE HEALTH of the body. Different types of skin treatments are available as per the skin type (Oily Skin, Dry Skin & Combination Skin). Daily skin care routine like simple use of herbal products for cleansing, moisturizing and for toneing can result in a healthy looking skin...Read More


Ayurveda has recommended these medicines and treatments and are in use for many centuries and are very safe and effective for improving hair health.

As more and more people are using chemical hair dye & color, shampoos, color, shampoos, the incidences of hair problems, skin rashes, allergic reactions and serious health hazards are observed all...Read More